Helpless in Tar, a Tenacious Dog Exerts All Its Might to Bark for Urgent Help.

An abandoned dog in Suwałki, Poland, was looking for a warm place to rest when he came upon freshly dumped tar. Not knowing that the sticky tar would trap him, the tired dog laid down. Once he realized he needed help, he started to bark.

The little dog barked until help arrived, using all his strength. The nearby workers responded to his barks by coming to see what was wrong. They discovered him helpless and trapped in the tar. They quickly got in touch with Niczyje Animal Foundation’s animal rescuer Joanna Godlewska.

As she approached the scene, she became emotionally invested in freeing the trapped dog. Thank goodness the dog managed to free his nose from the tar and start barking for help. The local police and fire departments helped them carefully remove the tar from the dog’s fur. The rescuers used oil to counteract the sticky tar and carefully extracted his body.

After much effort, rescuers managed to free the dog from the tar. His exhaustion was diagnosed and treated at the veterinary clinic where he was brought. The doctors found and removed nearly a hundred ticks from his body.

A warm meal and a comfortable bed were offered to him after he had been bathed several times to remove the tar from his paws and fur. He was relieved to be free, though for how long nobody knows. After receiving treatment for his minor head wounds, the tough dog began to regain strength.

It was Farcik, but his rescuers also called him “Luck,” because he was so lucky to have been saved. Godlewska is beginning to walk alongside him, and she is learning that his life up to this point has been challenging. He is receiving all the care and affection he could possibly need. “Farcik is taking a break. ‘He regains his strength and, more importantly, his faith in man,’ read a post on the Niczyje Animal Foundation’s website.

When he is healthy again, he will be made available for adoption. He is currently staying with a rescue organization volunteer during the day and with a veterinarian at night. Because he is surrounded by people who love him, he will never have to worry about where he will sleep or if he will get anything to eat. Consider also the thousands of people in every corner of the globe who are rooting for his speedy recovery and a permanent, loving home.

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