Stunning Discovery: The 15-Year-Old Boy Who Resembles an Adult

( BBC News ) – Despite suffering from a rare aging disease, the 15-year-old boy bravely coped with the disease and became the hope of many people.

According to the Daily Mail, boy Nihal Shrinivas Bitla, living in the suburbs of Mumbai, India, suffers from a rare genetic disease Hutchinson – Gilford Progeria, also known as senile disease, which makes his body age 8 times faster than normal people . time.

One of Nihal’s doctors, Dr. Parag Tamhankar of the Institute of Reproductive Health, said that when the boy was 10 years old, his body was already like that of an old man in his 60s.

Nihal Shrinivas Bitla boy suffers from Progeria syndrome, a rare aging disease that causes his body to age 8 times faster than the average person.

Despite carrying a serious disease, Nihal did not surrender to fate, he also mobilized many funding sources to contribute to research and was a typical face in the aging disease research campaign .

The boy ended his short life at the age of 15 at a hospital in Karimnagar city, Telangana state, India.

In 2014, Nihal and a friend who also suffers from aging disease, Ishan (3 years old, from Satara city) went to Boston, Massachusetts, USA to participate in a clinical trial of a cancer drug that can treat cancer . can slow down the aging process .

Not only that, Nihal also dropped out of school and participated in a campaign called #finding60 in India with the aim of finding cases like him. This campaign is only 4 members led by Nihal sponsored by the Progeria Research Foundation.

Throughout the campaign, despite the strange eyes people give her, Nihal and his “collaborators” still work hard and persistently and have recorded at least 60 children in India who are suffering from this disease.

this wretched aging disease .

Despite the strange looks from everyone at her, Nihal dropped out of school and joined the aging research campaign.

With his efforts, Nihal joined everyone in the aging research campaign to try to find a cure for children like him until he took his last breath at a hospital. in Karimnagar city, Telangana state, India.He was diagnosed by a doctor with hardening of the arteries – a typical problem common in the elderly, and this was the reason for the sudden death of the 15-year-old boy.

Nihal’s sudden departure shocked many of his associates and friends. Most were saddened and touched by the extraordinary energy of a 15-year-old boy who always had to live in the form of a 60-year-old man.

In 2009, worldwide only 56 children were diagnosed with ageing, but that number has grown to 125 today.According to Dr. Tamhankar, at birth these babies are no different from other babies. However, a few years later, symptoms such as growth retardation and hair loss began to appear. There is currently no cure for aging, but a team of doctors has researched and developed a drug to prolong life and improve the quality of life for these children.

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