Unearthing exceptional and unparalleled homes from all corners of the globe.

The owners of houses with designs that are considered “one-of-a-kind” are evaluated as very creative, unique, and daringly different when they have built homes on mountain cliffs, in trees, or even in the middle of the desert…

Maxime Qavtaradze, a 59-year-old monk, has been living alone for 20 years at the Katshki Pillar Monastery atop a rock column in Chiatura, Georgia. When he wants to leave, he has to spend 20 minutes climbing down the ladder. This was also the place where followers of the Georgian Orthodox Church took refuge from the Ottoman Empire’s invasion of Georgia in the 15th century. The Orthodox believers provided essential food and supplies to Qavtaradze using a pulley system, and he only went down the mountain twice a week to pray with them. He slept in a closet when he first moved to the top of the rock column, but a small house with a bed was later built to meet his living needs.

  • The House on the Drina River

Located on a rock block in the middle of the Drina River near the town of Bajina Basta in Serbia, this house has survived for 45 years, despite facing strong winds and terrible floods. This building has also become an attractive tourist destination for visitors in the area. The idea of building a house appeared in 1964, when a group of young people who often swam in the Drina River felt the need for a place to rest. They discovered the rock block in the middle of the river and often rested there. Then, one of the young men decided to build a small house on this rock block.

  • The Stone House on the Mountain

The Casa do Penedo was built between two natural rock blocks on the Fafe Mountain in Portugal. It has a design similar to the houses in the animated series “The Flintstones,” with bulletproof front door and windows. This house was once a vacation home for an entire family. But it has also become an attractive tourist destination after being handed over to a local museum for management and exploitation.

  • The only house on an island in Iceland About 300 years ago, the island of Elidaey in Iceland was home to about 5 families. They survived by hunting puffins along with raising livestock and fishing. In the 1900s, the island was abandoned as the families moved elsewhere and no one lived there anymore.

In recent years, the local hunting association has built a small house on Elidaey Island for resting when they come to hunt puffins. Some rumors suggest that the Icelandic government gave this island to singer Bjork because it brought attention to the country, but this information is not accurate.

  • The most bizarre guesthouse in the world The Errante guesthouse has bizarre shapes built in the “Open City” near the town of Ritoque cyar Chile. This is a settlement that was formed as part of architectural experiments in the 1970s.

This “Open City” was the idea of teachers from the School of Design and Architecture at Valparaiso University in Chile. Over the past 40 years, these collaborators have built architectural structures on an area of about 300 hectares.

  • The tree hotel Working at a hotel is a job that many people aspire to, but would you choose to work at a hotel like this? This cube-shaped hotel was built in the middle of a forest in Harads, Sweden. The structure is easily visible thanks to the reflecting glass panels installed around it. Guests will climb up to the 4x4m room via a 12m suspension bridge. It’s an exciting experience that any visitor here would want to experience.

  • The egg-shaped treehouse Computer engineer Joel Allen also had the idea of building a treehouse with an egg-like shape on Whistler Mountain in Canada. He started creating a miniature model to test the design’s durability before beginning actual construction.

Joel Allen spent many years and thousands of dollars with the help of others to complete his dream project. Finally, he created the HemLoft, a single-room treehouse.

  • The stone house in the desert Eagle’s Nest Lodge is a complex of stone houses built at the foot of the Aus Mountains within the Klein Aus Vista nature reserve in Namibia. You certainly won’t want to miss the chance to stay in this unique and stunning accommodation.

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