Spectacular Multi-Colored Plumage And Unique Shape, The Mandarin Duck Is Rocking The World Of Birds

The Mandarin duck is such an outstanding bird! This creature is also dubbed the most beautiful bird in the world.

The reason is easy to explain, right These birds were born with spectacular multi-colored plumage and a unique shape. They have an orange face, metallic blue forehead, brown neck, purple chest with bronze-colored sides, and blue back with two orange ‘sails’.

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Along with the stunningly beautiful coat, Mandarin ducks have a red bill, white crescent over their eyes, and ‘whiskers’. These details all make this species conspicuous wherever they are.

Like many other bird species, male and female Mandarin ducks look different. The female is duller than the male. She has grey plumage with a white striped running from her eyes and white spotted breast.

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The gorgeous Mandarin ducks are native to East Asia with a high population. But they can also be found in the UK and other places around the world.

There is a story behind the distribution of this species. The word Mandarin in their name may refer to this.

In the 20th century, the Mandarins brought this bird over from China. But some of them escaped and build their own colony.

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They regularly inhabit dense and shrubby areas such as the edge of rivers. The female also breeds here during the breeding season.

Mandarin duck’s main diets are plants and seeds. They also feed on snails, insects, or small fishes, depending on the season.

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The population of this bird has declined over the past few years due to the loss of habitat. But it isn’t added to the list of endangered species.

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