“Stray Pup’s Struggle: Battling Thousands of Ticks and Painful Collapses”

On a Tuesday in Donna, Texas, a dog was brought into an animal shelter covered in ticks, which left even the bravest of rescuers stunned. The poor pup was in immense pain and so weak that it couldn’t even stand up.

On the streets of Texas, a puppy was fighting for her life. She had been severely neglected and infested with bloodsucking ticks. Thankfully, she wandered into a stranger’s yard who contacted Dallas Dog – Rescue. Rehab. Reform for assistance. The rescue team rushed the puppy, named Amora, to the hospital where she received life-saving treatment including a blood transfusion. Despite being critical, Amora survived the night and was placed in foster care after a few days. Her foster mother worked with her to build her confidence, and Amora eventually found her forever home with her new family. Today, she goes to work every day with her father and enjoys spending time with her brother.

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