“Unforgettable: A devoted dog’s heart-wrenching attempt to revive its injured companion on the roadside”

It’s a heart-wrenching scene captured in photographs that have surfaced online, depicting a loyal canine guarding its deceased companion on a bustling road in China. The brown husky was tragically struck and killed by a vehicle in Zhejiang Province on April 17th. Despite the loss, the devoted dog remained at the side of its fallen friend, even attempting to rouse them from their eternal slumber.

On the road, a husky lay still as its cream-colored companion kept watch over its body for around thirty minutes. The cream-colored dog tried to revive its lifeless friend by pawing at its body with urgency.

The Pear Video has shared a heart-breaking clip of a dog trying to revive its deceased companion. The mourning canine was seen near the busy road, where vehicles kept passing by. Despite the presence of some witnesses, no one could determine what caused the tragic accident.

After approximately thirty minutes had passed, a woman clad in a black dress emerged and summoned the husky by name.

As a police officer was on duty, he asked her, “Do you happen to be the owner of those dogs?” To which, she replied with confidence, “Yes, they’re mine.”

The pale dog trailed behind its deceased companion while the owner brought it to the roadside and sought assistance.

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